Mobile Apps

Our proven development process will help you turn that app idea into a reality. We have been building mobile apps for the past eight years.

We build native apps

Native apps are apps that are built with Google or Apple development tools. There are many benefits of building a native app.

  1. Speed
  2. Always using the latest technology that Google and Apple offer
  3. Standard and mainstream development
  4. Ability to use new hardward advances immediately on release

We also build cross-platform apps

A cross platform app is an app built with one tool that can be used to build a Google and an Apple app at the same time. It is not as simple as buy one, get one for free, but it does eliminate the redundancies (thus the cost) of building two separate applications.

We use a technology called React Native. This allows us to get most of the benefits of building a native app while using a common language and platform for both. React Native is a Javascript library that was built to make building mobile apps quicker.

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