Kickstart(er) My Heart

In January, Gene Powell (Spoke), Jamie Wright (Brilliant Fantastic), and Don Miller (JADR) announced the launch of the Seed Coworking Community.  Over the past few months, we have worked hard to build out the venue in the St. Clair Village of downtown Toledo.  Coworking is essential for the creative people of Toledo to come collaborate and work together to better each other.  We are still on target to launch this Spring.  Now is the time that we are asking for you to become part of the Seed community at This week we launched our "Kickstart(er) my heart" campaign through Kickstarter dot com which allows anyone (not just future members) to pledge any dollar amount to help us purchase furnishings for the space.  In exchange, you will receive some pretty cool swag and that warm, fuzzy feeling of helping form the community in Toledo.  As you will see, the community has already been very supportive.  Thank you!

After you pledge, we would also love for you to help spread the word by sharing the website link@SeedCowork Twitter profile, and the Facebook Page.

Thank you!  Your support and generosity is greatly appreciated and it is the reason the community has so much momentum.


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